What if i fall ? … oh, my darling what if you fly ?

This quote … I’ve seen it a million times and today I’ve understood it.

Hello my name is Manda and I’m a mama to two beautiful boys Noah and Toby, I’m also a wife to Phil. We moved into our forever home 5 years ago and have been renovating it even since.

I’m starting this blog as a creative outlet for my love of interior, and to document the adventures of being a mum of boys. I currently work as a dental nurse and have done so for 11 years. I’ve loved my job but my heart isn’t in it anymore, my heart is totally and completely in being a mum and a wife, and all the ups and downs that come with that. My heart is also in interior design, a lot of my posts will be interior based as its one of my true loves I’m very passionate about.

One thing I will promise is that what I write in this blog will always be my opinion, and I will always tell the truth … the good, the bad and the gritty … which is where the quote comes in ‘what if i fall? oh, my darling what if you fly?’ I’ve always been the girl who second guesses herself, who lacks the confidence in herself to do what she want, the girl who always worries what everyone else thinks. I’ve turned 30 this year and I’ve decided I’m putting myself out there and doing this blog (or trying to, I’m learning as i go). Vulnerability is good sometimes right ?

So here I go, welcome to Our beautiful chaos and my beautiful life. I cant wait to get to know you all.

Manda xx


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