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Home makeover – Boys bedroom edition !

‘Let him sleep, for when he wakes he will move mountains’
The first room I decorated when we moved into our home was the second bedroom. This is one of the most important rooms in our house. At the time, it was one little boys new room, at 1year old Noah was getting his very own big boys room. We were tight on budget with just moving in and money going on other jobs but I knew this room needed to be up to be up to scratch. We did the best we could with the funds available but it needed a lot of work to get it to how I really wanted it. This is the room before (previous owners photo)


He had that room for a few years, then he got a brother Toby. Toby was in the nursery (our 3rd bedroom) until my boys developed their amazing brotherly bond and insisted they want to share, and to this day they still share!
In 2015, we decided it was time to decorate the boys room properly, after having it plastered, new carpets and all repainted we loved the result. It had a large wardrobe left by the previous owners we didn’t love it but it was good storage so we kept that. This is the boys room when we first did it in 2015.

Unfortunately, one of the doors fell off the old wardrobe a few months after the room was finished so for the next year I hated the room as it was again unfinished! So, this year we re did the room again, the boys had toddler beds in the room, which for Noah were getting too small so we decided to get bunkbeds when we re did the room. We needed a new carpet again as the other one was cut around the old wardrobes (I hate those wardrobes) and we needed the ceiling re plastering … because of old wardrobes! When we decorated in 2015 we used ‘Mr fox’ Scion wallpaper which I still loved so we kept that but everything else was changed and repainted to freshen it up.
Having a 5year old and a 3year old, I wanted a room that was their own space to play, sleep and express themselves. It needed to be cool and not babyish (Noah’s words, as he is very old now!) but not too grown up as Toby (and Noah to be fair) is still young. I stuck to a grey, black and white colour theme with some blue splashes. I wanted it to be a calming room so kept patterns to mainly stars and stripes in grey to pull it all together. We are big believers in adventures in this house so they have a lot of adventure quotes around them.

I absolutely adore the boys room now it’s turned out better than I expected, it’s such a calm but cool room perfect for two boys. The bunkbeds have selves so the boys can use them to display their own treasures and have their own piece of the room. It will last them years now and will be easy to change up if we need to as they grow. The new wardrobe is perfect for all the storage we need but is half the size of the last one.
Boys will be boys and I hope I’ve made a room that makes my boys proud … they said I did … but they might have wanted something… but hopefully.
Manda x


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