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Our adventures in Corfu …

As we touched down back into Newcastle airport my heart sank … that final holiday is over feeling. Then my mind runs away with me, while everyone starts jumping up trying to be first off the plane, while the boys poke each other in the face for the 10,000 time this flight, while I feel the cold air hit me, in my mind I’m planning our next get away, will it be Greece again, Italy or should we try the boys with a long haul and go to Thailand … then something slaps me in the face it’s someone’s bag from the luggage compartment, and that’s it I’m home.

I’ll start from the beginning now … waking up in the middle of the night all excited we bundled into the airport, had some breakfast and off we flew to Corfu, Greece. We first visited Greece last year, to Pefkos in Rhodes. As soon as I stepped off the plane and travelled through Rhodes I fell in love, like I’d come home to a familiar place that I’d never been to (maybe in another life) and so we came back again but this time to Corfu, my aim is to travel the whole Country one holiday at a time.
Pulling up to our hotel I got the same feeling, the views, the smells, the sound of the sea my heart felt happy. After unpacking and trying our private pool we changed for dinner and went down to the beach. The beaches in Corfu are mainly rocky coves, the boys threw stones into the ocean as we watched the moon rise above us.
And so our adventure started just the four of us together for a full 7 days. We explored, slept, laughed, swam in the ocean, got salt in our hairs, jumped in the pool 1,000 times, got a boat, swam with fishes, watched sunsets and sunrises, barely wore shoes, I read a book cover to cover, Noah conquered his fear of going underwater, Toby learnt to swim, we paddle boarded, danced, eat our body weight in the amazing food, Noah turned 6, Toby drank Greece out of apple juice, we fell over a lot (don’t know what happened here but definitely worth a mention as it was a lot!), we fed a stray cat, laid in the sun, found a beautiful tiny chapel, I didn’t wear more than lipstick and mascara all week no slap covering my skin, Phil spent a whole week with the boys playing (for someone who works away that’s a very good thing) and we smiled, we all smiled, all week.

Corfu is a much quieter place than Rhodes, we are defiantly not the type of family who like the hustle and bustle of holiday villages and packed hotels, we instead search for the beautiful hidden gems of the world. (Don’t get me wrong while the boys are young we still stay in places that have kid’s clubs and pools). Again I fell in love with Corfu just as I did Rhoads, I love the culture of Greece, the people and their values, the heat, the views, the white coated buildings, the food and the slower way of life. We stayed at the MarBella Corfu Hotel a beautiful 5 star hotel in a town called Agios Loannis, and it certainly lived up to its stars, I cannot recommend this hotel enough everything about it was perfect. The food was to die for, rooms clean and modern, staff were so friendly, especially the kids entertainment team and it had its own private beach. Perfect hotel for any family visiting Corfu.
We loved every second of our holiday, we needed this break getting away from the stresses of home life it was good for our souls.

I think next year we are going to try somewhere new, maybe Sicily or Croatia … or if I get my way Santorini in GREECE!! (please Phil)
So for now goodbye to the country that holds my heart, until next time … The Milburns xx


One last note… I would like to apologies to the people who stared when we let our boys watch their iPad’s at the dinner table … we are bad parents, but I’m sure you would rather that than feral children running around … they get bored easily … yours sincerely the mummy that loves the iPad xx

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