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5 tips for creating your dream bedroom …

The master bedroom, a room that often gets forgotten about or ends up turning into a storage room. In my eyes, this room is actually one of the most important rooms in the home … to survive we need to sleep and to function we need good quality sleep. Which is where the bedroom comes into play (just putting it out there … I know the bedroom isn’t only used for sleep and more *cough, cough* fun things, should we say, happen here too but that’s a whole other post)
I believe a bedroom should be a peaceful, cosy and relaxing place that you look forward to spending time in … so here are my 5 tips for creating the bedroom of your dreams
1. Colour scheme
So, first things first pick a colour scheme and stick to it. I like bedrooms to be simple with not a lot of colour or pattern, thus giving it a relaxing feel. If you are looking for calming colours I would suggest you go for blues, pale yellow, silver or moss green. These colours are all muted colours that will help you stay calm and get a good night’s sleep. I went for a silver and off-white colour theme with black accents to finish the look off.

2. Furniture
The furniture you pick for a bedroom is very important, if your room is small you are best picking smaller furniture so not to clutter the room. There are so many amazing beds around at the moment but some of them are very large with frames around them which add extra bulk, I suggest buying a smaller divan bed and sorcing a headboard that has the same look to fit easier into a smaller room. If you have your heart set on a larger bed you can always use quirky pieces for bedside tables to save on space i.e. stools, old cases, tray tables etc this way you will free up more room for the bed.
Wardrobes are another furniture item that can take up a lot of room. We have turned one of our bedrooms into a wardrobe so are lucky we didn’t have to fit wardrobes into the room. from past experience, I would advise you take time choosing a wardrobe and make sure it has enough storage and a pleasing exterior so it fits in with your room and doesn’t stand out.

3. Ambience 
Now you have your colour scheme and furniture in order, you need to think about the ambience of the room and the feeling you want it to give. Like I said above I believe a bedroom should be a calm, relaxing and peaceful, to achieve this my rule is keep it simple. If you can keep work areas out of the bedroom, computers, iPad and TV’s ideally are best out of this room. Now I will admit I have a TV in my bedroom but it’s very rarely watched mainly on a morning when the boys wake up and I use it to get myself 15 minutes more sleep… sleep experts say you need your bedroom to be for sleeping so keeping them things away really do help with sleep and the feeling of the room overall.
Lighting is also important in helping create the rooms ambience, lamps, string lights, candles and a statement ceiling light all work towards the finished feeling of the room.

4. Comfort
This one is very important to me, I am all about home comforts, I believe a home should be your safe, happy place where you go to get away from the world and your bedroom needs to be the most comfortable room. Picking the right bedding is important, my advice would be to get the best you can afford when picking pillows and duvets. You need your bed to be comfy and cosy, but don’t get a very high tog duvet you need to be cool to sleep so don’t go mad with the tog. Instead get a thinner duvet and add throws to keep you warm if you need them. Dressing your bed with cushions and throws always finished a room off and gives the impression of a relaxing room to sink into after a long day.
Flooring is also a big part of a bedroom, if you love wood floors or carpet try to keep it neutral toned for the illusion of a bigger room. We went for a very long pilled silver carpet its very luxurious and as soon as you step onto it you feel the comfort it brings. Wooden floors with a large thick rug would also have the same effect.


5. Make it your own
We are all individual and I think the rooms that turn out the best are the ones that have character and soul. It’s your bedroom so make it your own. Little touches are what will set it apart from every other bedroom. Think your favourite flowers, photos, accessories that mean something to you and lanterns. Mirrors are also good to bounce light around and make your room look bigger you can choose so many unique mirrors so have fun with it. I am a boho girl at heart and love everything that comes with that. I added my little touches and luxury’s that I love and out of that came a room I love to spend time in!

I hope these tips help inspires you to create the bedroom you have always wanted, have fun with it and believe in your visions.

Good night, sleep tight (but not too tight remember)

Manda xx

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