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Product review – Soul Candles

Hello my name is Amanda and I’m a Candle addict. Yep that’s me I love candles, the smells, the warmth and the atmosphere they create in your home. These little pots of wax and oils can change your mood or calm you down. I admit my addiction and when anyone walks into my home they can see for themselves.
I’m always on the hunt for new candles, I like them to have a strong scent that fills my home, but I also like natural smells. I like them to have a good burning life as some don’t last very long at all. Amongst my favourites are Jo Malone, Neom and Diptyque. But with these brands also comes a large price tag, which I’ve been happy to pay for the quality of the candles but I do dread them running out … then along came Soul candles.
I found Soul candles on Instagram and loved the background to the brand, this is a quote from their website about how soul candles came about
‘As a reiki healer founder Sarah was Inspired by a desire and passion to create an Organic, hand poured candle that is made with quality essential oils, good for wellbeing and beautiful in the home. This has always been at the heart of Soul Shropshire developed with a qualified aromatherapist in Sarah’s Kitchen in 2014 with business partner Gemma’
This sold me and I ordered my first candles. I picked the Votive set which is a selection of their three flagship scents, Relax, Nero and Uplift. They came beautifully packaged and as soon as I opened the box the smell hit me and I fell in love. These candles are perfect size for you to try the scents and try out the brand before investing in a larger candle.

Soon after trying my Votive set I ordered the 30cl Relax limited edition candle as my mini Relax candle was my favourite. Its housed in a white glass jar which looks stunning in my home. It features notes of geranium, sweet orange, lavender and ylang ylang which together create the most relaxing scent (hence the name). The 30cl candles have approximately 50 hours burning time.

My most recent buy was the Nero large three wick candle. When this arrived, I was shocked at the size of it, the photographs don’t do it justice! It’s very heavy and housed is a black glass jar. Nero features notes of ho wood oil, ylang ylang, bergamot and clary sage. I am absolutely addicted to this scent I burn it at every opportunity, its actually burning as I type this. Even after burning, the scent fills my home for hours. The three wick candles give you approximately 110 burning hours.

I think the thing I love most about these candles is the scents they give of, you can smell the essential oils and they overall have a very luxurious feel.
I know this love affair will be life long, since finding soul candles my other candles have been put on the back burner … (see what I did there).
The lovely Sarah and Gemma have given me a 10% off code for the whole range for my followers, so now these candles can also light up your life … (see what I did … ok I’ll stop now)
CODE for 10% OFF – beautchaos10
Manda xx

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