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It’s Time to get Cosy – Tips to Make Your Home Autumn/Fall Ready

The time has come, my favourite time of the year, ladies and gentlemen I present to you … Autumn (or fall)
It’s the colours, the fires, the pumpkins the promise of Christmas, I love autumn! When the nights start to creep in earlier in the day, when we start to wrap up that’s when I start to get the happy feeling of Autumn. I love the long crisp walks over the colourful leaves that have fallen, the excitement of halloween, the sounds of bonfire night. Everything about this season just makes me feel happy.

And so, I think the beginning of September is the perfect time to turn our homes into cosy hideaways from chilly days. Think fabrics, twinkly lights in dark corners, warm candle light and glowing fires.
I don’t change my whole home décor for the autumn/winter, some people do and I love to see the photographs of how they transform their homes. But personally, I just add a few things and tweak others to give the feeling of the changing season.
First, I like to have a clear out, pack away the summer things I’ve loved for next year. Making way for the new look … then outcome the throws, the pumpkins and the cinnamon candles.

So, how can you make your home feel cosy? These are my tips for the perfect autumn home.

  • Colours can make a real difference in the feel of a home, and in autumn and winter this is especially true. Burnt orange (my personal favourite), burgundy’s, reds and golds are all perfect for creating warmth in a room. Even just adding a throw or cushion in the colour will make the room feel cosier.
  •  Throws and cushions are a big one for autumn, a chunky throw to wrap around yourself on those cold evenings is essential. Knitted, faux fur and velvet throws and cushions will all give the look and feel of a cosy, warm room that you will want to snuggle up in.
  • Change your duvets to higher togs or add throws onto your bed to keep you warm. Now is also a good time to invest in lamps and string lights to help create a softer glow for your bedrooms when the dark nights come in.
  •  Introduce some seasonal decoration to your home whether it be a ceramic pumpkin, an acorn pot or stag figures they all help create the atmosphere of autumn, and its lots of fun hunting for them. I think HomeSense takes a lot of beating when it comes to seasonal decoration, they have the most beautiful unique finds.
  •  Add in the ambiance with pretty lights and candles. You will find candles burning year-round in my home, but I like to start burning warmer scents in the autumn/winter time. Notes of cinnamon, pine, vanilla, bergamot and fig all smell divine in autumn homes. Candles such as spiced apple and pumpkin pie just scream its autumn to me. It’s also the perfect time to go crazy with string lights, I love having my morning cup of tea with string lights glowing in the corner.
  •  Fire places will be unused no more, with winter around the corner. If you own a stove or log burner it’s time to clean them out and make sure they are ready and safe to use. With gas fires its always a good idea to have a service if it’s an older fire to make sure it’s in good working order. Logs in baskets next to the fire can look very autumnal and add some string lights and you have a perfect set up.

So, stock up your hot chocolate, pull on some fluffy socks and snuggle up in your perfect autumn home to enjoy lazy days reading by the fire and cosy, candle lit nights.

Manda xx


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