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The Home and the Person Behind the Camera …

Instagram, a little world of beautiful homes and beautiful people with beautiful lives. On the surface everything looks perfect and we wonder why our lives don’t match up to these people, but let’s look a little deeper. The Photos people put out into the world of Instagram are perfect, and normally styled and set up for that one shot… have you ever wondered what’s really behind the camera? I know when I take a photo of my home that’s how it looks 40% of the time, the other 60% it’s a different story. I get messages asking how I keep my home so tidy with two boys? The answer is … I don’t. I clean and tidy my home daily and when we go to bed its tidy, that’s just because of my OCD, I like everything done before bed so nothing will be out of place. But despite of this our home is a family home full of boys and cats and everything that comes along with that, so it doesn’t stay tidy for long. The reality of my home is covered in toys, homework, laptops and normally cushions (Toby has a thing for taking all my cushions off the sofas and jumping on them all) I like my home to look good and enjoy styling it for my Instagram page but first and foremost it’s my boys home.

I’ve fallen into the trap of looking through my Instagram time line and wanting more, a bigger house, a tidier house, to be a better mum … But then I will remember it’s all smoke and mirrors. We have to remember it’s not real and be grateful for what we have. Growing up I never thought I would live in my beautiful home, with my gorgeous family and I am completely grateful for everything I have. I often get asked why we don’t move to a bigger home, even Phil is desperate to get more space, but I am happy with the home we have, for now we don’t need any more space and I’m just not the type to always want more. I know one day when the boys want a room each we will move to a home with more space but for now I’m happy in our cosy little home we have made.
It’s so easy to lose yourself when you are constantly comparing yourself and your life to others, when in reality we have no idea how anyone else lives. I know sometimes I see mummies on Instagram who look perfect every day, with that ‘mum’ style they pull off so well, who make homemade healthy meals daily for their little darlings who sit and eat at the table with no fuss. Then I look at me, with my grungy style and my boys who love a MacDonald’s and an iPad to watch while they eat! It makes me feel like I need to fit into this ‘mum’ style of living and I just don’t  … I listen to heavy metal music, I bribe my boys on a daily basis and I laugh a little bit too loud at stupid jokes. I by no means fit into the ‘mum’ groups and I’m ok with that. I think we need to take the pressure off ourselves to be perfect all the time and have the perfect homes, because quite frankly ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist.

I will continue to stalk through all the beautiful homes and the perfect lives of the ‘mums’ and I will remember that they probably all feel exactly the same as me, and they probably give the kids MacDonald’s and bribe them when they won’t move from the sweet isle in Asda (or probably Waitrose) … Maybe … or is that just me?

This is us and our home, behind the camera … Our Beautiful Chaos
Manda xx

2 thoughts on “The Home and the Person Behind the Camera …

  1. This post is just what I needed to read today, you seem so relatable! I always find myself comparing my home and my parenting and my life in general, everyone’s life on Instagram always looks so perfect. But you’re right in saying no one knows how others live. Thank you for this post!


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