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2018 – Heal Yourself, You’ve got This

‘You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got’
I love this quote, I find it very true, it resonates with me to my core. As a survivor of physical, sexual and mental abuse I have and still have to heal myself, I believe when you have suffered any form of abuse you have a choice … to heal yourself and take the power or to let it destroy you.
I chose to heal myself and it has changed my life, its freed me from the abuse and from myself. Now by no means am I ‘healed’ I never will be … but I am working on it day by day and it’s the best choice I’ve ever made. To heal yourself is to know you are worth something … to rewrite your story. Take back the power they took from you, block out the words etched in your mind and the memories that haunt you, be brave because every tiny step forward in the end will be the biggest steps of your life.
And so here we are on the first day of 2018, it’s a Monday, it’s a new year, it’s the perfect time for a fresh start. Take this day and start to heal yourself, love yourself and be kind to yourself. Find your passions, not materialistic things or money they mean nothing, they bring no happiness they only cover up voids in people that need to be fixed. Find your true innocent self, the child that’s still inside, beneath other peoples need’s find YOU and heal yourself.
Be kind to yourself, look after your body, love who you are, use the good products, burn the candles, drink the tea and read books. Take time to get to know yourself and work hard to achieve your goals. Stop focusing on what others are doing and see your own blessings … when life is hard stand strong and be yourself, don’t lose your morals because some people don’t have any.
2018 is a new year and it’s a chance to start your next chapter in the book of you, its time to be exactly who you are and be proud. Don’t follow the crowd and shine your own light. It won’t be an easy job but it will be worth it … believe me.

I wish you all the most magical new year, you’ve got this!
Manda xxx

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