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Brand Ambassador – Soul Candles

Soul Candles … a name that’s becoming more and more well known. These two little words perfectly describe the products sold in this business, candles with soul! As everyone knows by now I’m a massive fan of this business and the ladies behind it and I literally tell everyone I meet about the amazing candles they sell, but in January 2018 my relationship with Soul became a little bit more delicious. I was chosen to be Souls second ever brand rep late last year, and I enjoyed every second of working with Gem and Sarah. I truly believe in the wellbeing these candles provide … seeing first hand on myself how they have altered my life for the better and also of friends and family around me that have tried them, not to mention the scents they fill my home with and how stylishly packaged they are. So, when the lovely ladies asked me to become a Brand Ambassador I jumped at the chance and I’m so proud to be part of the Soul family.

As a Brand Ambassador part of my job is to review the products from Soul Candles, I have and will always give my honest opinion on every product I receive and will always try to help people pick the best scent for them. Which brings me on to this blog post…

The question I get asked most in regards to Soul Candles is ‘which one should I choose?’ Now I can totally understand why this question is asked as so many people love and review these gorgeous candles and everyone has their favourite, so its hard to decide which will be best for you. Which is why I wanted to write this blog to share a few facts about each candle I own and a few personal tips and tricks for how I like to use each Soul product. As a disclaimer I want to say this is written from my personal opinions and how I like to use the candles I own, its not the whole Soul range and it’s not influenced by anyone other than myself.

Below I will list facts about each candle/diffuser, from the scents to where I like to use them, I hope this helps you decide which one is the perfect one for you … although once you have tried one you will be back for them all!

How could I start with any collection other than Relax? My personal favourite scent because of the essential oils packed into it that helps me sleep. I have every product from the relax range and I use them all religiously, they really have helped me fall asleep at night but also stay asleep through the night.

Relax Candle

Scents – Notes of geranium, sweet orange, lavender and ylang ylang

Contains essential oils – Yes

Sizes available – Votive, 30cl Candle (clear jar), limited edition 30cl (frosted white jar), 3 Wick.

How I like to use it– I have this candle is my bedroom and my bathroom.

Best for – Helping me relax and unwind at the end of a day or at a stressful time. I burn this candle while in in the bath and it fills the whole upstairs of my home with the beautiful scents, which helps my boys sleep without having a candle in their room. I also burn relax in my bedroom 2 hours before I go to bed to get the best out of the candle, ready for me to enjoy a full night’s sleep.

Relax Diffuser

Scents – Notes of geranium, sweet orange, lavender and ylang ylang

Contains essential Oils – Yes

Sizes available – 100ml

How I like to use it – I have my relax diffuser on my bedside table along with my candle, the diffuser distributes a strong scent all day and night. I especially love that I can still smell the diffuser when I wake in the night, which helps me drift back off to sleep.

Best for – Bedrooms or relaxation rooms. Would be amazing for treatment rooms to help relax clients.

Relax Room Spray

Scents – Notes of geranium, sweet orange, lavender and ylang ylang

Contains essential oils – Yes

Sizes available – one size

How I like to use it – I use my room spray daily as a pillow mist for every bed in our house.

Best for – Helping you unwind and sleep through the night, perfect accompaniment to the relax range. Couldn’t be without this magic bottle.

A relax gift box is also available.


Sooth Candle

Scents –  notes of citrus, lemon, geranium, patchouli and orange

Contains essential oils – Yes

Sizes available – 30cl

How I like to use it – This is a new addition to my collection and I am falling in love with this jar full of citrus love! I had been wanting a new candle to burn in my living room and this is the perfect scent. I find it helps me unwind at the end of a long day and is just the right strength for a room used often.

Best for – Livingroom, office.


Uplift Candle

Scents – notes of Neroli, Sweet Orange, Lavender and Rosemary

Contains essential Oils – Yes

Sizes available – 30cl

How I like to use it – My uplift is one of my favourite Soul scents, I think this candle is underrated. The scent is very strong and when burning it fills the whole room and more. I find uplift does just that and uplifts my mood, it also gives me a boost throughout the day.

Best for – I use my uplift candle in my kitchen to burn while I make the dinner or when I’m working from the kitchen table.

Uplift Diffuser

Scents – notes of Neroli, Sweet Orange, Lavender and Rosemary

Contains essential Oils – Yes

Sizes available – 100ml

How I like to use it – My uplift diffuser is a firm favourite in my bathroom, every time you even walk past the bathroom you get the scents from this gorgeous diffuser. Being a mum of two boys its one less thing I have to worry about knowing my bathroom will always smell nice. (mums with boys you know what I’m getting at here … everywhere but the toilet!)

Best for – Every room in the house!


Nero Candle

Scents – notes of Ho wood oil, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and clary sage.

Contains essential Oils – Yes

Sizes available – 30cl, 3 wick, diffuser and gift box

How I like to use it – Nero is another favourite of mine, I will admit I wasn’t sure I would like this one at first but as soon as I opened the box I fell in love with the scent. This candle is more masculine than the others and has more of a woody undertone. I burn this in my hallway and I always get so many compliments when people come into the house for this scent.

Best for – Hallways, office, dressing room.


Rose Noir Candle

Scents – Floral notes of Rose and an insatiable woody Moroccan base note.

Contains essential Oils – yes

Sizes available – 30cl, reed diffuser

How I like to use it – I keep my Rose Noir in my Livingroom, the packaging alone on this candle makes me so happy … housed in a grey high gloss, glass jar, visually its stunning. It has a very floral scent with a Moroccan undertone.

Best for – Bedroom, livingroom, treatment room.


So that’s my collection of Soul candles that I am currently using, I also had the Spice Candle over Christmas that is absolutely beautiful and its back by popular demand. As I said above this is not the full collection its just my collection. I really do believe in Soul and adore every product I own from the range.


I hope that helped make your decision a little bit easier.

Use beautchaos10 for 10% off the whole range a little gift from us to you.

Treat Yourself …

Manda xx

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