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Judgement Day …

Instagram, a place to share photos, business and to become part of community’s … if used the right way. Lately I’ve found more and more that Instagram has a side to it that is very judgemental and actually quite cruel. As in everyday life not everyone will like each other and not everyone will agree with everything others do. BUT, in real life 99% of the time people will not stop you in the street and say something mean or come into your home and insult it … but when behind a screen some people find it acceptable to say horrible things to people when there is absolutely no need. I think these people forget the comments they make are to humans, real people with real lives, who I can guarantee don’t give a shit if you don’t like their chairs or outfits. These people also don’t need to be put down personally by someone who DOESN’T know them … you only know snapshots of the person they are and the lives they lead.
Another thing I’ve noticed on Instagram is how accounts who should be supporting each other, are judging each other … now most of the accounts in our lovely community give the most amazing support. I’ve been lucky enough to not have experienced anything but love, but I have witnessed it. To those who feel jealousy or judge people on Instagram or in real life I ask you this … why do you feel the need to bring others down?
Research shows that mean or judgemental comments say more about the person saying them than the person they are aiming them at, it signifies your own unhappiness … which leads me to my next question … why don’t you change your life instead of being jealous of someone else’s?
These people you are judging work HARD, they work hard for everything they have and they work hard creating the life they have made. If putting others down is a way of validating yourself I suggest you stop throwing mean comments around and go out and get the life that will make you happy and leave people alone to live their lives how they want to.
None of us know what anyone has been through or what we are battling with everyday and by throwing catty comments around they can seriously affect people … and for what?
I’ve made some amazing friends on Instagram, and have spoken to some inspirational people. It’s opened doors for me and it’s given me confidence and has been a therapy for me. I write about things close to my heart, to help others and for no other reason. When people post very personal experiences believe me they are being very brave … for you to judge that … shame on you!
We are not all going to love each other but let’s have respect and just unfollow if you see something you don’t agree with.
We have enough hate in the world, Instagram is our escape …
Manda xx

6 thoughts on “Judgement Day …

  1. I think you are truly inspirational and completely agree with your judgement day blog. Like you say don’t be jealous be inspired to change your life if you are unhappy. I’m not one for social media and instagram is the first thing I’ve joined. I found it has allowed me to make positive changes in my life and I enjoy reading about real people.

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