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A Note to My Body …

I always see the best in everyone, some say I’m naive or too trusting. Its just my nature to see the good parts of people and believe in them … except for one person … Me.
When I was younger I would spend most of my day picking myself apart, some of this was because of experiences I’ve been through, some of it was because I was a young girl, some because of what people told me. As I’ve got older I’ve realised how much I missed out on because of being self-conscious, I actually find it really sad that I hated my body like I did when I look back on photos and don’t understand what I hated so much. I now see that I’m so much more than a body, my self-worth isn’t based on how much I weigh or how I look anymore, but on who I am, and the life I live. I still have days I look in the mirror and think wow I need to eat better or think I really need my hair doing, but it no longer takes over … I will think that then get on with my day and forget about it, for the most part … I am still very self-conscious, but I am working on it and that’s the difference. This blog will take a lot out of me, putting this photo out will cause me anxiety and panic, but then eventually, hopefully it will help … not only me but others.
The imperfections I once hated so much I now quite like, they make me different and they tell my story, I would never judge anyone on their appearance, and finally that includes myself.
And so, I wanted to write a note to my body …
I was born with you, you are part of me, yet I’ve struggled to love you …
Thank you to my knees for taking the scuffs that helped me explore as a child.
Thank you to my brain for growing and helping me learn.
Thank you to my hands for helping me find my way.
Thank you to my gut for knowing when things weren’t right, even when I was too young to understand why.
Thank you to my heart of beating even when it was broken.
Thank you for taking the bruises and the scars but still working.
Thank you to my face for hiding my pain.
Thank you to my skin for soaking up my tears.
Thank you to my legs for standing when I was mentally on my knees.
Thank you for loving again when I was broken.
Thank you for the strength you had when I was starving you.
Thank you for letting me carry four babies … I don’t blame you for the two we lost.
Thank you for moving my organs to grown my boys.
Thank you for changing shape and stretching to home my baby’s.
Thank you for sacrificing my blood to save Noah.
Thank you for healing so quickly after being cut open.
Thank you for shrinking back down and for the stretch marks.
Thank you to my eyes for letting me see my boys grow.
Thank you to my feet for carrying me.
Than you for my skin that’s growing older that shows my fight.
Thank you for recovering from everything we went through.
And thank you for loving me even when I didn’t love myself.
We go to sleep every night and wake up each morning, that’s down to these bodies we live in. Each so different and unique but we try to make them all look the same … we need to love our bodies, stop starving them, injecting them … show your real face, take off the filters.
No one is perfect but to someone you are perfect. We need to show little girls and boys that humans don’t look like a filter, we don’t have flawless skin and massive eyes and lips … that our bodies are all different but all normal.
This is me … no filters, no makeup, my scars, my stretch marks, my extra pounds I’m carrying … this is who I am and I never thought I’d see the day I didn’t give a f*%k what anyone else thinks about that …

To the girl, boy, woman, man standing in front of the mirror hating what you see I urge you to change what you look at, notice just how amazing your body is … don’t waste a life worrying about something as small as looks or weight … that will be your biggest regret.

Set our bodies free and empower all bodies.
Thank you for reading
Manda xxx


10 thoughts on “A Note to My Body …

  1. This is such a great post, I don’t know you and I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished! For the record, you look incredible and I’m glad you’re in a place in which you feel comfortable enough to post these!


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