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Stop Woman Shaming …

A woman stays in a toxic relationship and she’s weak … she dares to leave and she’s crazy.

Throughout my life I’ve noticed how unfairly women are portrayed, it seems to me we just can’t win. Women seem to be shamed for every decision they make. When a woman or a teenage girl is in a toxic relationship, she takes the abuse, she’s cheated on she’s broken down … yet when she finally dares to leave and stand up for herself and tell her side of the story she’s a ‘Psycho’ or is ‘Crazy’. Women and girls who have been raped or sexually abused speak out about it and are ‘slut shamed’ accused of asking for it …

I personally find the insults and names women get called tedious, it’s always the same … when she finds a voice she’s silenced by the labels people put on her … slut, psycho, stupid, thick, desperate … its been the same for decades … how dare a woman decide to say no, how dare she have an opinion on her own life, how dare she want to be treated with respect.  When women speak out they are shot down by these labels and silenced because of another’s insecurities.

I believe this will never stop, people will always try to shut you down when you want to speak out, I also believe we need to change how we deal with it. Stop hiding and stand tall, let them call you that’s their opinion, their opinion doesn’t change a thing about you. Shout your stories and fight for the pain you have felt. I’ve found that even the smallest voice can make a massive change, if you are brave. I never thought my voice would be heard, for years I lived in the shadows of my past and finally I own it, I own the labels they can’t hurt me because I’m NOT a psycho I simply was a woman reacting to my circumstance and standing up for myself … you are not what they label you!

Women shaming needs to be taken seriously, for it to silence victims of rape and abuse is devastating and so wrong. A woman can wear and act how she wants, that does not give anyone the excuse to harm her … the fact that in 2018 we are still fighting for this is disgusting.

Let them call us but don’t let it stop you, take back the power and remember its only words … when they get to the point of having to use insults I personally think its in desperation as they feel the power they had over you slipping … run, scream and never be shamed into silence by anyone.

Thanks for reading

Manda xxx

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