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To the mum in the playground …

To the new mum, staring at her new baby and not knowing what to do
To the mum trying to breastfeed but can’t quite get it right
To the mum bottle feeding her baby and feeling judged
To the mum trying to carry her child and her shopping
To the mum hiding in the bathroom for two minutes break
To the mum watching her baby start school
To the mum in the playground whose child is having a tantrum
To the mum whose missing her children
To the mum whose said the same thing 50 times and it’s still not done
To the mum in the park that can’t make her child go home
To the mum trying to do it all
To the mum whose exercising with her child sat on her back
To the mum whose trying to clean the house but gives up and uses a baby wipe for everything
To the step mum who’s really trying
To the mum whose trying not to lose her temper
To the mum who says don’t tell your dad when she picks her kids up late one day
To the mum who makes pizza for tea for the second day
To the mum who wears jeans covered in snot
To the mum who is bribing her kids in the supermarket just to make them walk
To the mum whose crying because she feels like she’s not good enough
To the mum who loses her shit daily
To the mum with so much dry shampoo in her hair it looks grey
To the mum whose spending her last pounds on her kids
To the mum whose playing hide and seek for the 100000s time
To the mum whose helping with homework when she just wants to sit down with a cuppa
To the mum who loses sight of her child and is panicking
To the mum whose letting the kids watch the iPad for a break
To the mum whose picking the food off the floor after her child has finished eating in a restaurant
To the mum who wipes another humans poo daily
To the mum pretending to be an aeroplane so her child will eat
To the mum whose body is stretched
To the mum who plans to do everything when the kids are in bed, but then is too tired to do anything
To the mum giving her child the look
To the mum who does all of this daily because she adores her children …
To all the mum’s who have hard days and think they are failing … you’re not failing your being a mum, this is motherhood. Its not perfect and its not easy. Some days they will absolutely push you to your limits … they have bad days too they’re only human and are still learning.
You’re a superhero without a cape, you never put yourself first and you never moan … your also your tiny human’s world. Its all worth it, the poo, sweat and tears … you got this mama …
Thanks for reading
Manda xx

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