mental health

What does mental health mean to you?

Mental Health two little words that can be interpreted in many different ways. Do we as a whole understand mental health? I don’t think we do … but are we trying to? … I hope so.
Even those of us who suffer don’t always understand the true meaning of it, or we understand parts of it, but not the whole meaning. Throughout my life I’ve experienced mental illness, as a child I watched my uncle suffer with schizophrenia, with devastating consequences to me. I watched another uncle struggle with addiction to alcohol, which he lost his battle with. I’ve struggled with depression, OCD, anxiety, postnatal depression and body dysmorphia to name a few … my mental health is delicate I have to keep on top of it and control it … I’ve learnt to do this by understanding the illnesses I suffer from. We can’t beat mental illnesses unless we are armed with knowledge and support. I’ve taken medication in the past, I’ve had counselling and I’ve researched a lot. I now know I have the healthiest mind when I’m kind to myself, when I eat right, when I exercise and when I take time away from social media. When you try to understand the illness, you gain power to control it.
I want to share with you some lyrics from a song called ‘Cellophane’ by Sia … “look at me I’m such a basket case, delivered to you wrapped in cellophane, waiting on your doorstep every day, delivery, a basket filled with pain,” when I first heard these lyrics they resonated with me to my soul. Sometimes when my mental illnesses are bad I feel like this, like its running through my veins for everyone to see … In reality I hide it well, people wouldn’t guess. It makes me feel vulnerable and, in the past, it’s made me feel crazy … I now understand I’m not crazy I have an illness, and its normal to feel like this … to feel judged. Accept your illness, understand it and get support.
Now not everyone will suffer with a mental illness, but I’m almost certain you will know someone who suffers … so even if you aren’t directly affected you also need to understand … or try to understand. This is the best way, in my opinion to move forward with getting better, or to help someone get better. Understanding and actively seeking help is the only way, sometimes you can’t get better alone. Turn to family and friends, visit your doctor or reach out to charities to help you, Mind is a mental health charity, leading the way to support and help those suffering from mental illness and also to help others understand and help loved ones who may be suffering.
I’m so very proud to be supporting ‘Oh so printy’ and the charity ‘Mind’ and working with them both to spread the word on mental health … ‘oh so printy’ has designed this beautiful print ‘this is me’ and is giving a percentage of all sales on it to the charity ‘Mind’. I’ve got my print, I support this amazing charity and I am proud to say, yes, I suffer with a mental illness, but I am so much more than that, I am me.

‘Oh so printy’ wanted this print to be a positive reminder that you are amazing and you can get through the bad days … knowing a percentage of your money went to charity is the cherry on the cake.
So, if you take one thing from this blog please get support, if you feel like your drowning, take the step to helping yourself by letting someone help you.
You’re not alone …
Thanks for reading
Manda xx

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