mental health

She Overcame Everything, That was Meant to Destroy her …

Most of the best people I know have been broken, someone or something has hurt them so deeply they have had to rebuild themselves … but each of them has done this and has come back more beautiful and stronger than ever before. This is what makes them special, it gives them compassion for people.
In my younger years I suffered, I fell, my heart broke and I will always admit that I struggled … but here I am, happy. My heart is covered in glue but its beating, my mind is not well some days but no one would know. I have flash backs, nightmares, panic attacks … I worry constantly, I struggle with demons daily but I am here living a life I love. A life I have built from the rubble, a life I always wanted and a life that my boys will always have. You can experience hardship and pain but you can still live a happy life, the rise is always better than the fall!
Accept the pain, it becomes part of you, for me its made me who I am … everything I’ve been through is part of me, the good and the bad …
My family, my school days, the home I grew up in, the pain, the secrets, the confusion, my first love, the scars, bad relationships, real friends, every pregnancy, my children I can’t hold, my boys, my home, my rock that is my husband, the bullies, past jobs, money struggles, people who don’t want the best for me, people who do want the best for me … every experience shapes you.
Use what you have been through to be the best you, you can be, use it to help others … don’t let it destroy you, don’t give it that power.
I went through things that should have broken me, some came very close but I refuse to let them. Abuse as a child, parents divorce, teenage pregnancy, loss, mental illness, domestic violence, miscarriages … I changed as a person, it made me stronger and it made me braver … I blog about my past to help people in the same situation, its part of my story but now that’s all it is to me … its part of my story not my life anymore.
Let go of the past it can only hurt you now if you give it the power to … accept its part of you and move on. Live the life you wished for, be the person you needed. Your so much more than what happened to you.
Thanks for reading
Manda xxx

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