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The Home and the Person Behind the Camera …

Instagram, a little world of beautiful homes and beautiful people with beautiful lives. On the surface everything looks perfect and we wonder why our lives don’t match up to these people, but let’s look a little deeper. The Photos people put out into the world of Instagram are perfect, and normally styled and set up… Continue reading The Home and the Person Behind the Camera …

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The One That First Called me Mummy

I knew I was pregnant before the pregnancy tests did. I knew I was no longer alone and had a little person on board. After six negative tests and lots of wasted money (have you seen the price of Clearblue!) there it was … the words pregnant on the stick! So, after nine months, terrible… Continue reading The One That First Called me Mummy

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The Perfectly Imperfect Modern Mummy

Mum guilt, something you gain the second you find out your growing a tiny human. They say when pregnant you should exercise … but not too much, you should eat right … but only certain foods, you should embrace every second of being pregnant … even when you feel sick 24/7 and look like a… Continue reading The Perfectly Imperfect Modern Mummy