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Empowered Women Empower Women – 100 Years

‘If I can stop one heart breaking, I shall not live in vain’ … Emily Dickinson In 1918, 100 years ago, women stood together and changed our world. These women stood for us all, for our children and for the women who aren’t even born yet. They stood against men, other women and even their… Continue reading Empowered Women Empower Women – 100 Years

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My Weight Loss Journey and Tummy Tuck

Weight loss and body image … something I’ve struggled with all my life. Sadly, like most teenage girls I spent my school days obsessing over my weight, always thinking my tiny frame was ‘fat’ then I got into a bad relationship where I was told over and over how ‘fat’ I was … By the… Continue reading My Weight Loss Journey and Tummy Tuck

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Brand Ambassador – Soul Candles

Soul Candles … a name that’s becoming more and more well known. These two little words perfectly describe the products sold in this business, candles with soul! As everyone knows by now I'm a massive fan of this business and the ladies behind it and I literally tell everyone I meet about the amazing candles… Continue reading Brand Ambassador – Soul Candles

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2018 – Heal Yourself, You’ve got This

‘You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got’ I love this quote, I find it very true, it resonates with me to my core. As a survivor of physical, sexual and mental abuse I have and still have to heal myself, I believe when you have suffered any form of abuse… Continue reading 2018 – Heal Yourself, You’ve got This

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Our Beautiful Chaos at Christmas … Home Edition

Christmas… my favourite time of year, growing up with a mum who adored Christmas as much as me meant the magic of Christmas was well and truly alive in our house. From putting the tree up together covered in tinsel blasting Christmas songs, to getting up at 5am to go food shopping with my mum… Continue reading Our Beautiful Chaos at Christmas … Home Edition

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The Home and the Person Behind the Camera …

Instagram, a little world of beautiful homes and beautiful people with beautiful lives. On the surface everything looks perfect and we wonder why our lives don’t match up to these people, but let’s look a little deeper. The Photos people put out into the world of Instagram are perfect, and normally styled and set up… Continue reading The Home and the Person Behind the Camera …

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Let’s Talk About … Mental Health

If you break a bone people know about it, you get help from a doctor and you tell people how it happened … If you suffer from a mental health illness you hide it away, you try to get better alone. This HAS to change, an illness is an illness whether it’s on the body… Continue reading Let’s Talk About … Mental Health